About Us!

The Armadillo Farm has been synonymous through the years with its next door neighbor, the world famous Luckenbach, Texas. The prior owner was the late 'Jalapeno Sam' Lewis, who was recognized in April of 2003 by the Texas Senate as a "Texas Legend" and a 'true ambassador of goodwill for Texas'. Sam called camping at the Armadillo Farm "an In-tents Experience." The owner has kept its rustic beauty and many nice shade trees to become the Armadillo Farm "CAMPGROUND" catering to "FULL RV hook-ups" on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


We welcome all motorcyclists and bicyclists touring the scenic hill country to stop in for 'tent camping.' Clean restrooms and hot showers are available to freshen up before heading over to Luckenbach. Or maybe you are just looking for a secure place to 'sleep it off' after over indulging at the latest concert event over at the Luckenbach Town Dance Hall. Well then, as Sam would say, an 'In-tents' camping experience still awaits you over at the Armadillo Farm Campground. Come stay for a night under the stars near the Sam Lewis Memorial Campfire. Reservations are required.

Sam Lewis a true Texas Legend!